Clash of Clans May Season Challenge is now coming with Gladiator Queen's skin
May. 6, 2019

A new season full of challenges awaits the Clash of Clans. The May reward for the last place in the Gold Pass is Queen Hero's gladiator skin.

With the first season of challenges in Clash of Clans, which ended yesterday, Supercell lost no time in starting next season. The May season renews the rewards for the Silver and Gold levels and offers more rewards for daily and weekly challenges.

The last step for May is the heroine skin of the gladiator queen. This is only available to those who buy the Gold Pass and who have enough challenges to reach the last level. Along the way, you will unlock other benefits and rewards, such as resource and training updates, resources, magic items and access to the new Season Bank.

The seasonal challenges were introduced with the spring update of 2019, recently launched in April, to possibly involve more players in the game. The new season is a combination of daily and weekly challenges in which you must work. The final prize ends with the queen hero gladiator skin.

Last month, those who completed the Gold Pass trail received the skin of Gladiator King for the barbarian king. The next seasons will offer other exclusive skins.